• Providing power electronics, magnetics and controls analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you document your work?

We typically provide documentation in the form of written reports, slide presentations, and in-line documentation inside delivered code. The frequency and level of detail of the delivered documentation is negotiable at the time of contract award.

Do you provide source code for software you develop?

Delivery of source code is negotiable as part of new contract awards.

Are you registered as a professional engineer in Colorado?

Not yet, as most of our work in electrical engineering does not require it. However, James was approved for and will be taking the Professional Engineering (PE) exam in October, 2018. He hopes to be registered by the end of calendar year 2018.

Do you have your own equipment (e.g., computers and software)?

Yes. However, if specialized software is required for your project, a software and/or license fee will be included in the contract.

Do you have your own office space?

Yes. All technical work will generally occur at PEMCA office(s); however, on-site visits for technical and/or project management meetings are expected and will be stipulated in the contract. Training and education sessions generally occur at customer premises; remote delivery can also be accommodated.