• Providing power electronics, magnetics and controls analysis.

Technical Services

At PEMCA, we specialize in electrical power, electromagnetics and controls analysis. We provide detailed modeling and analysis work to aid developers in performing feasibility studies, conceptual design, trade-off studies/optimization, and detail design work to support their project needs.

Initial design studies often rely on the use (or development) of models requiring a balance between accuracy and model fidelity, knowledge of best-practices, and leveraging existing tools that are the most practical and economical for the job. PEMCA can lend their extensive experience to guide you through these difficult selections.

Specific areas of technical expertise are listed below.

Electrical Power

  • Power electronics
  • Power distribution


  • Power magnetics
  • Magnetic finite-element analysis (FEA)


  • Feedback control systems

Design Optimization

  • Multi-objective design studies
  • Trade-off analyses

Data Analytics

We have experience with a variety of analytical methods and tools for processing and classifying large data sets, including both off-line and real-time classification techniques.

Systems Engineering

At PEMCA, we believe in the philosophy and practice of systems engineering for creating well-designed and reliable engineered systems. We are familiar with the process of stage-gated reviews and will work closely with your company to ensure our solutions are focused on meeting actual design requirements, avoiding scope-creep, and mitigating technical and project risk.

Visualization & Control

We also have experience in developing graphical user interfaces in a variety of tools such as: Qt, PyQt, C#, MATLAB, and LabView.

Software & Version Control

We adhere to software version control for all software and/or models we develop and familiar with common SVC tools (e.g., git, Subversion).

Working With Us

If would like to discuss a project, please contact us here to inquire about availability and to learn more about our contracting terms. A formal quote on your project will be provided within 3 business days.

Past Projects

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