• Providing power electronics, magnetics and controls analysis.


Our primary mission at PEMCA is to provide high-quality, well-documented analysis and design services in the areas of electrical power, electromagnetics and controls. We also provide expertise in data analytics for both off-line and on-line evaluation and classification of data to enhance the effectiveness and reliability of your product or service.

Our Technical Services are targeted towards aiding project developers in performing feasibility studies, conceptual design, optimization, and detail design to support their project needs. Specific areas of technical expertise and tools we commonly use are described here; examples of past projects can be found here.

We also provide Training and Education in all the technical topics mentioned above. Our training is available through on-site workshops, short-courses, and seminars. We also offer training remotely; see here for more details.

At PEMCA, we believe strongly in a systems engineering approach to design, documentation and management throughout the project lifecycle. We feel this approach is important not only for producing excellent engineering systems, but to ensure the results we provide meet your requirements and integrate seamlessly into your project workflow.

PEMCA was launched in 2017 by James Cale, Ph.D. To read more about the company leadership and partners, click here.